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Nathalie’s Hair Braiding

Nathalie’s Hair Braiding is owned and operated by Nathalie N’Guessan for over 14 years. The business began 1994, in the Ivory Coast (Côte - d’Ivoire), of West Africa.

In 2003 Mrs. N’Guessan decided to further her market base, expand her varied skill-set exposure and explore other entrepreneurial opportunities associated with her business venture. Mrs. N’Guessan felt the most ideal environment for business success would be to relocate it to the United States. After reaching the United States Mrs. N’Guessan attended the Academy of Hair Braiding in Alexandria Virginia, where she successfully completed the program and received her professional license in Hair Braiding.

Nathalie’s Hair Braiding specializes in not only hair braiding, but also hair preparation, conditioning, and treatment. The braiding products offered consist of the following: hair weaving and locks, fusion branding, Senegalese twists, micro/mini-micro braids and more. In addition to these products, Nathalie’s Hair Braiding also provide services to include hair consulting on growth, breakage prevention and hair conditioning.


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Benefits and Features - Ivory Coast Hair Cream

Hair moisturizer cream
Stop breaking hair
Revitalized hair
Help hair growing
Natural organic ingredients
Oil and organic components
                                          Nathalie  N’Guessan

Our Hair Styles

Weave,Flat twist,Senegalese Twists,Corn Rows, Kinkey Twists, Micro Braids, Pixie Braids, Bob Braids, Casamas Braids, Kinky Twists, Gel Twists, Pixie Braids, Nubian Twists, Invisible Braids, Individual Braids, African Twists, Goddess Braids, Feeding Corn Rows, Silky Dead, Micro Mini Braids, Corkscrews.